I am safe Affirmation Candle
I am safe Affirmation Candle
I am safe Affirmation Candle
I am safe Affirmation Candle
I am safe Affirmation Candle
I am safe Affirmation Candle
I am safe Affirmation Candle
I am safe candle

I am safe candle

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I am safe candle contains a blend of essential oils that help alleviate anxious feelings while simultaneously providing cleansing and purifying benefits. I am safe candle will also induce calming and uplifting abilities, resulting in an overall feeling of safety. I am safe affirm candle contains fresh, home-dried lavender, and lily flowers. Some of the aromatherapy benefits of lavender include improvement of sleep and mood disorders. Lavender used as an aromatherapy agent will help with anxiety, depression, fatigue, and inability to fall and stay asleep. Lavender will even help soothe menstrual cramps. Lilies have been used for centuries in Chinese medicine. While most use lilies to help with overall health of hearts and lungs, aromatherapists use lilies to promote restful sleep and tranquility of the mind.


I am safe affirm candle was created when a friend of mine shared her sexual assault trauma with story with me. At times, we feel so helpless when it comes to protecting the people we love. I am safe candle is for anyone who feels anxiety around safety and for every survivor in the world. As you heal, understand that it's ok to remember those bad feelings. It's also ok to have bad thoughts around harming yourself. However, do understand that no matter how broken you feel, you make this world a better place. 


I am safe. 


This Adinkra symbol called “Fihankra”, or “house/compound” is a symbol safety and security. It is the inspiration behind the ‘I am safe’ candle.  Typical of Akan (Asante) architecture, the communal housing compound has only one entrance and exit. This ascertains that the community and its people are always aware of who is at home. Although most of us aren’t ‘at home’, we are all part of the symbolic compound/house that our ancestors have built. We are always guarded, watched over, and protected. When feelings of insecurity and danger creeps upon you, remember that you are safe. Your ancestors know who is in and out of your safety net. Trust your intuition and discernment as these are gifts from the ancestors to help us navigate the world.

Affirmations for survivors:

I’m worthy of love just as I am.
My flaws don’t make me unloveable or deserving of violence.
It wasn’t in my head; they just made it seem that way.
I made the right decision.
My home should be a haven of peace, warmth, and safety.
I am a whole person. I complete myself.
I am able to make decisions on my own.
This is my body, and I’m going to take care of it the best I can.
I am healing slowly but surely.
I accept myself as I am.
I am not defined by what has happened to me.
I’m in control of my own story.

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