Coco Bowls Affirmation Candle

Coco bowls affirmation candle

Coco bowls - affirmation candle

Our coco bowls affirmation candle is handmade by experienced artisans with natural coconut shells. They are coated to shine beautifully and to prevent leaks. These bowls are environmentally friendly as they are made with 100% organic natural coconut shells. Many cultures around the world use coconut shells to store food and eat from. Expect a wooden spoon with your coco bowl candle as they are reusable in many ways. Our coco cowls affirmation candles are made using coconut soy wax and essential oils. They're also hand-poured in Germantown, PA. No two coco bowls are alike. However, all our coco bowls have a flat bottom that allows them to sit flat on any surface and prevent leakage. Simply relax by lighting one of our coco bowls; soon after, you'll feel like you're having the best beach day of your life!