I am rich candle affirmcandle
I am rich candle affirmcandle
I am rich candle affirmcandle
I am rich candle affirmcandle
I am rich candle affirmcandle
I am rich candle

I am rich candle

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I am rich candle contains a blend of essential oils that help manifest wealth and abundance. Some of these oils include lime, frankincense, and patchouli essential oils. I’ve also learned a little secret about patchouli oil, please don’t share with anyone! Word on the street is, if you rub some patchouli oil behind your ears and scalp, you will also attract a lot of romance in your life. It may not be the type of romance you’re trying to manifest though...So please, thread lightly with the patchouli oil!


Some of you have heard of ‘the money candle’ trend. A lot of people are burning money candles without using mindfulness to attract wealth and abundance. While the law of attraction helps us understand the power of the mind in creating our desired realities, there are other skills and character traits that one must possess to live a life of abundance. Think and Grow Rich my Napoleon Hill does just that. Add it to your reading list, light I am rich candle, and meditate regularly in order to manifest exactly what your goals are around wealth, prosperity, and abundance.   


I am rich. 

“Bese Saka”

This Adinkra symbol called “Bese Saka”, or “sack of cola nuts” is a symbol of affluence, power, abundance, togetherness, and unity. The cola nut, a widely used cash crop in Ghana, played an important role in the economic development of the region. This symbol also represents the role of agriculture and trade in bringing people together. While capitalism has negatively impacted our relationship with and dependence on our earth and companions, remember that the earth always provides. When catastrophes hit our planet, plants are the first to recover and provide the substrate for everything else, including mammals. No matter how catastrophic life gets, remember that a planted seed will always bloom. Go plant your seed!

We will not tire of explaining that each plant and tree is a physical body of an elemental of nature who is preparing to one day enter into the animal kingdom and later into the human kingdom.
Igneous Rose by Samael Aun Weor

Money Affirmations to Curb Emotional Spending + Attract Wealth:

I deserve and expect financial abundance. 
I can build a complete financial foundation.
My experience of wealth is a positive part of my life. 
I accept financial success.
I can turn my skills into profit. 
New income channels will come to me. 
My finances will improve. 
I trust my judgment to make good financial decisions. 


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