I am healthy Affirmation Candle
I am healthy Affirmation Candle
I am healthy Affirmation Candle
I am healthy Affirmation Candle
I am healthy Affirmation Candle
I am healthy Affirmation Candle
I am healthy Affirmation Candle
I am healthy candle

I am healthy candle

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I am healthy candle contains a combination of grapefruit and lime essential oils, as well as chrysanthemum and peppermint. Grapefruit essential oil has a compound, limonene, that has proven to be a very effective antibacterial agent. One study found that the oil was very effective against MRSA, a group of bacteria that are hard to treat due to their naturally stronger resistance to everyday antibiotics. Lime oil purifies and provides antioxidant support to your body. Lime essential oil is often used as an internal cleanser and supports healthy immune function. When inhaled, these oils not only help to clear the nasal cavity and sinuses, they also help to energize the mind and body thereby making one feel healthy.


I am healthy candle was created after watching my family members and friends survive Covid-19. I remember February 2020, when my mother became gravely ill with an illness that western medicine had no answers for. My brothers became ill as well, but their symptoms were not life-threatening. As my mother’s symptoms became life-threatening, I rushed to NYC to care for her. At that time, I had just learned of the coronavirus and soon inferred that my mother had contracted it. I began to intensely treat her when we received the positive covid-19 PCR test on March 22nd, 2020. Below was her treatment plan for 14 days:

-10000 mg of vitamin C per day.
-100 mg of Zinc per day.
-5000 mg of vitamin d3 per day.
-Chicken broth 2x a day with turmeric and black seed oil.
-24 Fl oz of water every 2 hours.
-Dominican mamajuana at bedtime. 

My mother is alive and well today. In fact, she is at my house right now as I type, uninvited, but cooking! The lesson learned through this time was that our bodies are simply the medium through which we get to live life; we must use proactive measures to take care of it, as the reactive measures are often futile.


I am healthy. 


This Adinkra symbol called “Mframadan”, or “wind-resistant house” is a symbol of a reinforced and well-built house. Picture your body as a house; the stronger its foundation, the better it is at withstanding the wind and treacherous conditions. This symbol reflects in Asante history a clause in the unwritten constitution of the Golden Stool. Oral accounts say that according to that clause, mud houses in Kumasi must be reinforced with turf. This reinforcing would cause the house to be sturdier and resistant to unfavorable weather conditions. The pandemic has taught us the importance of having a strong body, one that could withstand the myriad of living things on this Earth that are harmful to our health and bodies. If the pandemic didn’t urge you to care for your body and mental health, one fact remains; you will have your body and mind until the day you transition. Therefore, drink your water, meditate, insert aromatherapy in your daily routine, eat your greens, and protect your energy! If you take care of your body and mind, I promise they will have your back in the windiest of times.

Affirmations for Health and Wellness:

I am healthy, energetic, and optimistic.
My body, mind, and soul work together efficiently to keep me healthy.
I am grateful for my life force and energy.
My body is healthy and full of energy.
My body vibrates with energy and health.
My body systems function perfectly.
My immune system is strong and deals with any bacteria, germs, or viruses.
I appreciate every cell in my body.
I love everything about my body.
My body is beautiful and appealing.
I feel sexy and desirable.
I am thankful for the shape of my body.


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