I am calm Affirmation Candle
I am calm Affirmation Candle
I am calm Affirmation Candle
I am calm Affirmation Candle
I am calm Affirmation Candle
I am calm candle

I am calm candle

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I am calm candle contains lavender, albizia, and chamomileOne of the aromatherapy benefits of lavender includes the improvement of sleep and mood disorders. Lavender used as an aromatherapy agent will help with anxiety, depression, fatigue, and inability to fall and stay asleep. Lavender will even help soothe menstrual cramps. Albizia is an herb that was originally grown in southern and eastern Asia. The flowers and stem bark are used to make medicine. Albizia is taken by mouth for anxiety, cancer, depression, sleep problems (insomnia), and sore throat; to improve mood; and to reduce swelling associated with trauma. The chemicals in albizia have calming, sleep inducing, anticancer, and antioxidant effects. Research has shown that chamomile has anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. Not only is chamomile a sleep-inducing agent, it can also be used to treat the common cold, eczema when applied on the skin, and diabetes. Check out article 3 below.


I am calm candle was created to help with my insomnia. As a PTSD survivor, falling and staying asleep are very hard for me; these symptoms are usually the first signs that my body needs a reset.  Inserting this candle into my nightly routine has solved most of my sleeping issues. After taking a nice shower with my body wash (stay tuned for the launch), I’d meditate with I am calm affirm candle while saying my evening prayer and affirmations.  If you struggle with sleep as I do, BUY this candle, create a routine and stick to it, put away the smart devices when it’s time for bed, and make sure your bed feels like a paradise. Night, Night!


I am calm.

“Bi Nka Bi”

This Adinkra symbol “Bi Nka Bi”, literally means “no one should bite the other”. This symbol cautions against provocation and strife. It is the symbol for peace and harmony. The image shows two fish biting each other tails- fish usually bite their own tails when in stressful situations. The first law of thermodynamics says that “energy is always conserved; energy cannot be created or destroyed.” As you navigate the world, be mindful that you and others hold a special sphere of energy. Respect and accept the energy of others as you cannot change their energy- only your own energy is within your locus of control. Seek peace and harmony by protecting your energy from energies that disturb your personal peace and harmony.  Protect and guard your own energy by any means necessary. That’s how you show gratitude to the ancestors who sacrificed their lives to create a peaceful space for your energy.

Peace and Calming Affirmations: 

My mind is quiet and stress free.
My body feels calm and light. 
Everything is well in this moment. 
I am calm and relaxed right now.
My life is at peace in this very moment.
I am surrounded by good and supportive people in my life.
Around me there is an endless pool of peace, harmony and calmness.
I am completely relaxed, calm and safe in this moment.
Right now, everything works perfectly for me.


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