I am a woman candle
I am a Woman Affirmation Candle
I am a Woman Affirmation Candle
I am a Woman Affirmation Candle
I am a Woman Affirmation Candle
I am a Woman Affirmation Candle
I am a Woman Affirmation Candle
I am a Woman Affirmation Candle
I am a woman candle

I am a woman candle

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I am a woman candle contains a blend of aromatherapy essential oils that promote feelings of self-confidence, power, sexual desire, and assertiveness. These feelings have been embodied by every woman in our society who have achieved independence, desirability, and unapologetic freedom to exist. I am a Woman Affirmation Candle contains sandalwood, which research shows to act as an aphrodisiac when inhaled during sex. Studies show that women who inhale sandalwood during sex show an increased mood and higher levels of desire than those who did not. I am a woman candle also contains a variety of herbs that help promote positive sexual health. 


It wasn't until 50 years ago that women in our society were permitted to open a bank account without their husbands. Thus, it is evident that the WOMAN has made immense strides in overcoming prejudice, bias, and inequality in our society. One of the things that have always been use to suppress and disempower women is our sexual desire. As Audre Lorde said, an empowered woman is dangerous. The only way we can begin to be free is to accept and embrace our erotic nature. Audre Lorde defines the erotic as "an assertion of the lifeforce of women". Our goal shouldn't be conforming to the societal norms that have played a role in our oppression. Our goal should be freedom and complete acceptance of our ourselves. Let's dare to be dangerous! 


I am a Woman. 

This Adinkra symbol called “Duafe”, or “wooden comb” is a symbol of femininity, beauty, and compassion. The ‘duafe’ was the most important item in the collection of items that women used for grooming. Thus, it was used to represent every good feminine quality such as patience, prudence, fondness, love, and care. It remains without debate that the woman is the most oppressed member of society. How does the woman overcome those societal setbacks to become the woman as perceived by herself and creator? The answer lies in the woman claiming and asserting her power. To be a woman is to understand your power and “why it is so often limited, constrained, labeled, put in a box, left to gather dust” Audre Lorde. You are the MOST powerful being on earth for all life comes from YOU. All that is good, flexible, dependable, creative, nurturing, and compassionate comes from YOU. So, accept and assert your power; allow the light that shines from within elucidate the darkness and evil in the world. Be the woman YOU want to be and be fearless in asserting YOUR power.  You are phenomenal simply because YOU are a woman.

Affirmations for Women:

I trust that I have the capability to achieve my goals.
I am worthy of accomplishment, success, and abundance.
I manifest my full potential to being.
I can powerfully attract what I want.
I move in alignment with my highest self.
 I affirm my ability to merge timelines and rejoice as everything comes to me with ease.
The world is filled with endless opportunities for me.
My mind is clear of self-doubt, and I am ready to embrace every challenge that comes my way.
Every challenge I face is an opportunity to grow and improve.
My contributions are unique and meaningful.
It is enough to have done my best.


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