Recolor Affirmation Candle

Recolor Affirmation Candle - Affirm Candle

Our Recolor affirmation candle merges the soothing essence of coconut soy wax with the tranquil benefits of essential oils and the organic beauty of natural dried flowers. Each candle is an homage to the innovative women who pioneered Recolor chalk paint in 2006. This environmentally friendly paint transforms our glass jars into a matte canvas for your affirmations, beautifully adhering to create a unique, writable surface.

We encourage personalization. With chalk included in every package, you can inscribe messages of hope, sketches, or affirmations directly onto the jar, making each lighting a moment of personal reflection and intention. Choose a color and scent that resonates with you and start a sensory journey towards tranquility.

Our candles are more than just a product; they're a crafted experience to accentuate your space with a touch of personal charm. You are the centerpiece of every detail in our creations—because you are indeed worth it. Light up a Recolor affirmation candle and let your healing journey begin.